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Saying Goodbye to your Cat

Having a pet in your home, whether for 10 years and more or for a short time of 2 months, you will feel a sense of loss and grief when they die.  Your pets are part of your family and i believe they should be treated as such when they do cross over that rainbow bridge.

i have lost many cats in my lifetime and each one was very heart-breaking and saddening.  My backyard is like a pet cemetery, because each and every one was buried there.

How to cope with the lost of your cat 

In my experience,  some losses were harder than others, and just like everything else, time heals all wounds.   Take all the time you need to grieve but don’t let the memories die.  Death is inevitable, but accepting it is the hard part.

Change in our lives whether good or bad, is never easy.  It’s in our human nature to have a routine that we follow every day so when there is change we have to find ways to accept and understand those changes.

Having the support of your friends and family  will be needed.  Join a group if you have to.  Simple things like just having a conversation with someone will go a long way.

Keeping the Memories
Keeping the memories of our dear cat will actually help us to be stronger and it will make the acceptance part easier.  There are ways in which we can do this, some of us keep photos or memorabilia of them, like a toy she loved.  One way in which i have found that will be a great way to keep the memory of our cat is a personalized piece of jewelry that we can have close to our heart at all times.   I have found a charm which i think is absolutely perfect.  

Saying Goodbye

The way in which we pay our last respect will also help in the grieving process.  I am very happy to share with you two companies which are making the transition easier and more meaningful:

Paw Pods and Rooted.

Paw Pods

This company has designed an eco-friendly pod for your pet which can be personalized to your liking.  After the owner had a terrible and traumatic experience of receiving his dead dog back from the vets’ in a plastic bag, he was in shock and felt it very disrespectful to bury his dog in such a state.  So he came up with this safe, biodegradable way to bury your pet.


Rooted is a company that provides pet aftercare in a very special way, they provide “recomposition” services that allow your pet to give back to the earth naturally through the three elements of Fire, Water and Earth.  They offer services to meet each person’s needs and desires.