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First let me introduce you to my fur babies:



Millie is a year and a half old, she is very conservative and likes to keep to herself.  she will watch her brother and sister play from a distance but wouldn’t join in the fun.  She will stride pass you and wouldn’t dear give you a second look lol.  But sure enough she will come running at meal time.  She is my doll.




Oreo is my cookie 🙂 she is millie’s sister who is a little more on the social side but will always have this “what do you want” look on her face haha.  She loves to play and run around chasing things.




Ozzy is Millie and Oreo’s brother, they are all the same age.  He is the most playful of the three and you can always be sure to be entertained by just watching how he moves and plays.










Greedy as her name suggests eats everything in sight and if that’s not enough will always want more and even steal food from the others.  She is about 2 and a half years old now and she looks after Millie, Oreo and Ozzy like if they are hers.  They love spending time together especially Ozzy.  They look like twins and they are inseperable.








Blacky is the mother of all cats, she is the eldest, i myself am not even sure how old she is.  She is Greedy’s Mother and Millie, Oreo and Ozzy’s Grandmother.   She is not a stay-at-home cat, she roams and go wherever she pleases but she always know where her home is.

So there you have it, 5 of my lovely beauties who will always be a part of my life.

Millie, Oreo, Ozzy, Greedy and Blacky will be telling their stories and sharing it with you so be sure to keep checking for new posts about them.