How to stop your cat from clawing the furniture

Scratching is a natural activity for cats so clawing on household furniture and furnishings is not destructive behavior in their point of view. It’s natural for them and it is their way of keeping their claws in shape and it’s also a way of communicating territory boundaries to other cats and animals. Clawing leaves visual and scent markings on the object. Scratching is also a source of exercise for cats, by doing this they stretch and retract their shoulders, legs and paws.

By following these steps it may be possible to protect your furniture and other household items:

Be patient and understanding. Cats love their human companions and will try their best to please them once they know they have support and are praised. Overtime with a fair amount of repeated practice your cat will learn to leave the furniture alone and find alternatives to scratch on.
Purchase at least one scratching post or other apparatus. When purchasing    any  scratching post consider a few things first; look for one that is the same height as your cat and not too heavy, make sure it’s sturdy so that it wouldn’t topple over when your cat puts pressure or leans on it. Some cats prefer a horizontal scratching area like a carpet so place the scratching post in a way to match your cat likeness, this way they will be more likely to use it. Whatever you choose, avoid anything fluffy. A scratching post is usually like a tree bark, rough and coarse.
Where to place your cat’s scratching post. You must have an idea of all the furniture and household items your cats like to scratch so place the scratching post next to these items. If your cat scratches more than one item it may be best to have more than one scratching post, especially if you have more than one cat or if you live in a large house. Placing the scratching post next to the cat’s favorite sofa or chair will make it even more enticing.
Train your cat to use the scratching post. Like anything else your cat will find this to be a strange object so you will have to show your cat how to use it. Whenever you see your cat scratching any furniture, gently place him in front or on the scratching post depending on the position it is in. Gently stroke your cat until he responds to the post. Every time your cat uses the scratching post praise him with gentle strokes or a treat.

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How to keep your cat occupied while you are at work.


How to keep your cat occupied while you are at work.

Our Cats are our family and when we have to leave them it is very distressing on our part as cat-parents. We feel guilty and if not for all of us, most of us feel some sort of separation anxiety. We need to know that our cats are well taken care of during the day when we are at work. Here are some ways to ensure that they are happy, fed and entertained:

Food Toys and Puzzles

We all know our feline friends to be food lovers, a full cat is a happy cat! To ensure that they are fed throughout the day you can get some toys that not only feeds them but also stimulates their mind and encourages natural instincts to explore and find hidden treats. Toys like Cat Amazing can keep your cat occupied for hours! If your cat is extremely smart and figures out these toys in a short space of time then you may need to either get creative and make your own toys or buy more as time goes by. Don’t worry there are plenty of options to choose from on the market if you need to go that way.​  Click on images below for more details.

Play Area

Even if your cat has access to your whole house it is still a good idea that you have one area in specific for your cat to be able to play in so that your house wouldn’t look like it was ransacked. When choosing this area make sure there is a window available because cats like nothing more than to look at other animals outside. This can keep them busy for hours as well. Having a sitting shelf next to your window will have your cat happy and comfortable.

Another Cat

Being alone sometimes is good but that could get boring, so if you have only one cat you may consider getting a friend for him/her. Depending on the age of your cat another feline friend can become a loving companion for him to either love and take care of or grow together with. Having two or more cats can be really entertaining, they will find new games and will be occupied for hours without any outside intervention.

Cardboard Boxes

Cats love boxes! However small the box is if they can fit they will sit. This is a fun, cheap alternative to toys and it’s just as enjoyable. Cardboard boxes are easy to come by and if your cat destroys it, it can be replaced very easily.

Paper and Paper bags

Paper and papers bags are another inexpensive way to keep your cats entertained for hours! Am not sure as to why but they love to jump around in a heap of crunched paper or just slide around with a paper bag over their head. It’s like playing hide and go seek. This is a lot more fun if the ground is smooth so that it’s easier for them slide so make sure their play area is not where it’s carpeted.

Cat Furniture

Cats do need their own furniture to play, sleep and just lounge around on.  Trust me, by getting them their own furniture will save your own furniture from being destroyed and less cleaning to do.  You can get them a cat tree condo, a cat scratching lounge or a scratching post.

By following these tips and experimenting with them you will learn what your cat likes and dislikes.  This will help you feel at ease knowing that they are content until you are back home with them, but do remember that your love and attention is needed as well so make sure you give them some quality time of your own!

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Gift ideas – For the people you love, who love cats!


The American Short Hair


The American Short hair

The American shorthair is an easy-going tolerant cat who retains his hunting ability and is an excellent family companion. He has a bit of a temper, but remains calm but not comatose. The American shorthair is not known to be an attention seeker but enjoys his playtime with puzzle toys and interactive toys. He is not your usual “follow – me – everywhere” kind of cat but will appreciate a spot next to you on the sofa or on your bed.

The American shorthair weighs anywhere between 7 to 12 pounds and is generally a healthy breed of cat but there have been incidences where its’ known to have genetic problems.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a type of heart disease that is found in this breed, it causes thickening of the heart muscle.

Combing or brushing of the American shorthairs’ coat at least twice a week is required to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils. To prevent Gingivitis, daily dental hygiene is best. To prevent obesity in these cats, measure their food and avoid free-feeding. Clean ears with a cotton ball or a soft damp cloth using a mixture of half cider vinegar and half warm water. Avoid using cotton swabs as this can cause damage to the interior of the ear.

Gift ideas – For the people you love, who love cats!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are wondering what to get your partner (who is crazy about cats) then you have stumbled onto the right path.  I would share with you some ideas that in my opinion would make a great gift that says “I Love You”

For Her:


I really don’t think that there is anything else in this world that shows how much you care and love a person more than a shiny piece of jewelry.  There are limitless options so you can never run out of ideas for any type of celebration.



Women will always like to have a new outfit, whether it’s for that formal party or just a casual day at the park! So why not give her something to show how much she adores her feline fur ball.


it’s not complete until it’s accessorized. Here are some cute ways for her to do just that.

Some other cool stuff:

For Him:

Electronics and clothing

This in my opinion will have to be on top of the list for guys out there who are not afraid to show how much they are into their cats.


I saved the best for last! How can you forget your cats on this great day, show them some love as well. Here are a few fun ideas

Hope this will help you to figure out what to get your loved one for that special day.

Getting a Kitten? Here is how to get started

There is nothing better than having a kitten to liven up your home.  These sweet adorable furballs will have you and your guests entertained.  If you have kids they will be the best playmates for them and it will also help your kids learn to take care and build their skills of having the responsibility of another living creature.  If you are wondering how to get started and what you need to be able to take care of your first cat, you have come to the right place.   What you will need to get started:

  • A Special Area in your house
    Your kitten will need their own little area to be in, this will not only be for their comfort and benefit but it will also make cleaning up a lot easier for you.  Wherever you choose to place your kitten, be sure to have a window for enough sunlight to enter and for your kitten to be able to see outside.  A window perch will be perfect if your budget allows for it, here are some recommended products, click images for more detail
  • A Litter Box
    This is a must if you don’t want to have cat poop all over the house!  Your kitten will have to get used to his litter box just like everything else and he will have to learn how to use it.  It may take some time for him to get it right but with a little help from his owners it may be much sooner.  He will find a spot that you will notice he is always using as his poop area, place the litter box in that spot.  If he refuses to use the litter box then you may have to change the type of litter brand.  Cats tend to have their own preference when coming to what they poop in!
    Litter boxes come in various shapes and sizes and there are a lot of options to choose from.
  • Food and Water Bowls
    Yes you need these.  Food and water should be in separate bowls and when choosing the bowls make sure it’s the right size for your kitten or cat.  Stainless steel and ceramic bowls are much preferred over plastic because it is easier to clean and also because the plastic tends to host bacteria and fungi.  It also causes cat acne.    Wash bowls everyday to keep them clean and bacteria free.
  • Bedding
    Cats love to sleep!  When choosing a bed for your cat make sure it’s very soft and comfortable because this is where they will spend most of their time.  Having a bed for your cat doesn’t mean that he will not find other places to sleep, like on top your bed or your couch.  If you want to keep him on his own bed then you will have to choose a bed that he will not want to part with.  There are many options to choose from.
  • Toys, Toys and more Toys 
    Kittens love to play, indoors and out.  If you let your kitten outside they will find lots of things to keep them entertained and will run after nearly everything down to a leaf!  But indoors you would want to have special toys for them not only for you to  bond with your pet but to also help with their development and skills.
    See also article on How to keep your cat occupied while you are at work for more options.
  • Grooming 
    Taking care of your cat and making sure he looks good may take some time but it’s also bonding time for both of you.  Grooming is an essential part to your kitty’s start in having a healthy and happy life.  A few things you will need to get started are:A stainless steel comb
    A bristle brush 
    A flea Comb 
    A nailclipper designed for cats 
  • Scratching Posts/Furniture
    Scratching and clawing on furniture is a cat’s way of stretching his muscles and it’s their way of claiming territory, in other words there is no way to prevent them from doing it so in order to keep them off your furniture and to start off with a good relationship with your pet you should invest in a scratching post.   Recommended reading article on how to stop your cat from clawing the furniture will give you some good ideas and tips.
  • Cat Collars and Carriers
    Cat Collars are good for both indoor and outdoor pets.  It’s a safe way of keeping your cat close to you and also it should contain an identification tag.   Cat collars are also a cute way of personalizing their looks.
    A Carrier is a must when you have to travel with your pet.  By no means try to carry your pet to the vet in a vehicle without a carrier!  Nothing is worse than having a scared kitten jumping around in your vehicle.
  • A visit to the vet
    Depending on where you get your new kitten/cat, it’s a good idea to find out when was their last visit to the vet or if it all.  If not then it will be a good idea to carry your kitten for a check-up to make sure everything is good and when they will be needing any vaccinations or for any other health advice.

These are just a few things to get you started in preparing for that big day!  You don’t want to have to be running around like a fish out of water the night you bring your new kitten home to realise that you don’t have one of these items.

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 Allergic to cats?  What can you do….

What is a Pedigree Cat?

A pedigree cat is a cat that has been bred specifically to exhibit certain physical characteristics.  Pedigree cats may also show some breed related behaviors (for example Siamese cats are often quite “talkative” and noisy compare to some moggies and other breeds).

A non pedigree cat do not belong to any  recognized pure breed cat groups. They are popularly known as Alley cats in the United states and Mobies in Britain.