All thingz cats is a site built for all the cat lovers out there who would like tips on how to keep their felines healthy and happy all the time. I know most of us who own pets are also busy with their own lives, who are working throughout the day and who have families to see about at the end of the day.  So in between all the hustle and bustle where do our pets come in??? How do we keep them occupied during the day when we are not around to see about them and keep them company?

About Me

Hey my name is mims, I have been a fan of all types of cats ever since I was a little girl. I grew up with them and I’ve had generations and generations of cat families pass through my life. Some people would call me the “cat whisperer” or the “cat lady” because if they had any problems or questions about their cats they knew they could come to me and I would be able to help in some way or give advice. I remember when I was a little girl I used to tell my parents that I wanted to start a farm and bring in all the stray cats I could find just so that they would have a home, but I wasn’t allowed to so I guess by me starting this blog it’s a different way of me still trying to help.  I have 4 cats of my own, 3 kittens and 1 adult and boy do they keep the house alive!  My 18 month old son, even though he still doesn’t know how to play with them gently, he adores them but i have to keep them away from him because he is always pulling at their tails!

Starting this blog has made me realise how far I have come in raising cats and caring for them that i would like to share all my experiences out there.  I would also like to hear other stories by my readers as well.